Supply chain management involves the management of processes from sourcing raw materials to delivering products to end customers. There are several challenges encountered in these processes. For instance, errors in inventory management, uncertainties in demand forecasting, or supplier issues can lead to either excess or insufficient stock. Supplier delays or quality issues can also hinder timely deliveries. Additionally, demand uncertainty, seasonal variations, or unforeseen events can complicate determining the right inventory levels. Logistics challenges, such as transportation, storage, and distribution issues, can affect on-time deliveries. Lastly, communication gaps or collaboration difficulties among different stakeholders in the supply chain can impede efficient processes and increase the likelihood of errors. Therefore, it's essential for businesses to develop and implement effective supply chain management strategies.

What is XSRM?

XSRM, which optimizes business processes and increases efficiency by enabling companies to meet their suppliers with SAP integration, raises the bar in the business world. This unique platform enables customers to seamlessly interact with their suppliers using their SAP infrastructure. Thanks to its integrated solutions, it strengthens companies' operations in logistics, inventory management, supply chain and many other areas. Additionally, XSRM's user-friendly interface and customizable features allow customers to easily adapt and manage their business more efficiently. Thus, businesses gain competitive advantage by using XSRM with SAP integration, while increasing operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Admin Panel

We offer a platform equipped with an advanced management panel, which provides access to a system log that can monitor all system-wide activities, a module that allows you to define users and roles and grant access to modules in line with these roles. In addition, users can access sent e-mails. We offer many features for users to personalize and edit their mail templates. This comprehensive solution is designed to increase user experience and facilitate management. The advanced admin panel provides the opportunity to customize user roles and authorities in detail, while providing a transparent operation by monitoring all activities in the system. In this way, institutions While increasing operational efficiency, they can also easily manage management and audit processes.

Demand and Tender Management

The "Demand and Tender Management" module of our Tenders can be opened to suppliers in accordance with the criteria determined by your business. During the tender process, offers from suppliers can be easily evaluated and compared within the module. It is possible to choose the most suitable offer for your business and reach an agreement with the supplier. This module also makes your business's supply chain processes more transparent and increases the efficiency of your purchasing department. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features, you can easily monitor and report all purchasing processes. This helps you optimize costs while increasing the efficiency of your business.

Offer Management

The Offer Management module of our You can easily edit and review the offers thanks to its user-friendly interface. In addition, you can compare the offers in detail and request revisions when necessary. In this way, you can reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage by obtaining the most suitable prices and conditions. To manage your offers safely, you can use a comprehensive system-wide monitoring and reporting is provided. The Supplier Quote Management module helps you optimize your business's supply chain processes and Improve decision-making processes, while also saving time and resources.

Order Management

We offer a module that allows you to easily manage your orders, track the status of approved orders and adjust their shipment status, as well as perform cancellation and revision operations. Thanks to this module, you can make your processes more efficient while strengthening supply chain management. In addition, suppliers This module, where you can view shipment statuses, provides transparency in communication and workflows by increasing collaboration. It offers flexibility to suit the needs of businesses with its user-friendly interface and detailed reporting features. Thus, businesses can manage their supply chain processes effectively while keeping costs under control and increasing customer satisfaction.

Supplier Management

The module we offer to strengthen your business's supply chain management allows you to approve new suppliers applying to our system and create user accounts for your existing suppliers. In this way, you can manage supply chain processes more effectively while expanding your business's supplier network. Additionally, you can increase collaboration and make processes more efficient by assigning tasks and actions to suppliers. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, this module offers flexibility to suit the needs of businesses. Thus, businesses both optimize their supply chain processes and gain competitive advantage by strengthening cooperation.

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