In today's business world, ensuring customer security and protecting services from malicious use are of great importance for companies. In this context, Know Your Customer (KYC) processes have emerged as effective tools for verifying customer identities and information. PDentify stands out as an innovative identity verification software that companies can use to authenticate their customers.

What is PDentify?

PDentify is an identity verification software developed to authenticate customer identities and enhance security for companies. It offers various features such as reading identity card details using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, uploading identity card photos, and real-time video call verification. With these capabilities, companies can ensure customer security and efficiently complete identity verification processes.

Key Features

Reading Identity Card Details with NFC

PDentify simplifies the customer identity verification process by using NFC technology to read identity card details. This feature reduces manual input errors and makes the verification process more reliable.

Uploading Identity Card Photos

Customers can verify their identities by uploading photos of the front and back sides of their identity cards. This ensures a more robust verification process based on identity information and images.

Real-Time Video Call Verification

PDentify enables real-time verification of customer identities through live video calls. This method combines artificial intelligence and human intervention to achieve more reliable results.

Automatic Customer Registration

After successful completion of identity verification steps, PDentify automatically records customer information, speeding up business processes and minimizing human errors.

Mobile and Web Applications

The mobile application for customers enables user-friendly execution of identity verification processes. Similarly, the web application designed for customer representatives allows them to manage the verification process.

Customizable Steps

PDentify offers customizable steps for different industries or requirements. This allows adaptation to various business processes and offers a flexible identity verification solution.

In Conclusion

PDentify is an innovative software solution that utilizes technology effectively in identity verification processes, aiming to enhance customer security and improve business process efficiency. Equipped with features such as NFC, video calls, and automatic registration, PDentify can assist companies in various industries in enhancing their customer identity verification processes. Designed with a focus on customer security and data protection, this software is a step towards raising security standards in the business world.

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